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How can I load my video frame from GPU memory directly and encode it?


               I am using a video captrue card by PCIe and I want to perform encoding with Intel media SDK. I notice that the surface which we load frame is empty when I test the screen captrue function.Thus,I think this function may load video frame from gpu memory using the  plugin directly.I want to load my video frame from gpu memory  directly by DMA and encode it.Is there a sample to tell me how to load one frame from GPU memory and encode it? My CPU is i5-7500,thank u

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Hi Ixk,

I will investigate if there is a sample that shows how to encode a frame from GPU memory and get right back to you.

Kind Regards,

Monique Jones


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Hi, lxk

    my understanding is that video capture hardware got the raw video frame, and the frame needed to feed into the encoder. you need a way to feed the video frame into encoder in the video memory. C-for-media has gpu copy routine to copy data from video memory to video memory. The GPU copy routine will show good performance if frame size is bigger. Here is the link for C-for-media

      Intel Media Driver for VAAPI and Intel® C for Media Runtime:

·       Intel C for Media Compiler and examples:

   Are using window OS and Linux? C--for-media supports both. There is example directory. You can see there is GPUcopy_API_Test example.

You can reference it.



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