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How can we add our biterate control algorithm to msdk?


We want encoding 30 programs into a H.264 DVB Transport Stream (constant biterate such as 38Mbps). The statistical multiplexing bitrate control algorithm is better for it. The biterate of each program varies with contents (VBR) and the sum of total biterates is constant (CBR). 30 programs share the constant biterate and each program can borrow or loan its biterate to others at real time.

 If media SDK is open source,  we can modify lookahead algorithm to adding look arround algorithm( to see other programs bitrate requirement at real time) to achieve stastistical multiplexing encoding for DVB TS.



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Hi David, 

It's an interesting solution of statistical multiplexing the bitrate to share the constant bitrate i,e. 38Mbps among the 30 streams depending upon it's properties. As you know MSDK is not an open source algorithm so change it to look around algorithm. This is designed to keep single stream in mind. 

Another option you might want to explore is to use CQP mode by doing bitrate adjustment on a frame to frame to basis, this has MSDK API support. It won't be able to do look around algo, that is something you might have to write on top of it. 


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