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How to decrease Media SDK decoder delay for H264 Codec Baseline profile ?


We are developing VoIP telephony application using H264 Codec Baseline profile. And we need the decoder to release the decoded frames ASAP without buffering them.Thedecoder nowrelease the first frame only after accumulating about 12 frames in his internal memory (720p resolutions), and that lead to unacceptable delay in out Video receiver.
setting the value of InitialDelayInKB to 0 didn't help
m_mfxVideoParams.mfx.InitialDelayInKB = 0;
m_mfxVideoParams.mfx.BufferSizeInKB = 0;
this is what was explained in media-sdk-man.pdf

If InitialDelayInKB or BufferSizeInKB is equal to zero, the value is calculated using bitrate, frame rate, profile, level, and so on

please advice,
Thank you,

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Hi Yoni,

To achieve low latency with Media SDK you must use version 2012 (formerly 3.0) in which we have added many new features to support video conferencing and streaming. Please also refer to someof the other questions on the forum where this topic has been discussed.

I noted that your question also came to us via internal email request. I have provided more info to you via that channel. You should receive a response shortly.

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If you have any control over the SPS, you can also set the max_dec_frame_buffering value to 1 in the bitstream_restriction section. We are using the older SDK and resorted to 'patching' these values in the SPS that the source delivered to us. I bit of a kludge but it worked.
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