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How to get the maximum performance out of Iris pro P6300



we are developing a transcoder which runs on Intel GPU  Iris pro P6300.

I wonder how to get the full speed out of the GPU (1150MHz). Right now only 450MHz are available from this GPU, no matter how many transcoding jobs I start. Also, using the GPU benchmark from the "Intel extreme tuning utility"  does not boost the GPU. It still stays at 450 MHz.

I found another GPU benchmark tool in the internet and ran it. Iris pro directly gets up to 1149MHz on benchmark start. After closing this benchmark, the GPU frequency stays at 1149MHz.

Why doesn`t the frequency gets up on transcoding?

Installed is MSS R7 with latest graphic drivers.

Mainboard is Supermicro X10SLH-F with Xeon E3-1285 v4 running Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64).

Drivers from mainboard cd are installed, except Aspeed onboard graphic chip drivers, which lead into malfunction of Iris pro P6300.




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Hi Christoph, 

Its interesting to see, frequency did not increase when running multiple transcoder calls on GPU. I suspect it could be because in HW it is set to run in balanced or optimal mode. Few ideas you could try to achieve desired GPU frequency, 

  • On hardware, during startup in BIOS, check if Performance mode is enabled and Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency it is set to. Also make sure graphics card is not running in a power mode, check power options on Intel HD graphics control panel and set to Maximum performance. 
  • Next to check would be your transcode workload, if transcode workload is using "CPU" insufficiently. If CPU is slow (with audio, stream parsing etc.) then GPU graphics will not be able desired clocking frequency. We have great tool Vtune Amplifier which can provides deep dive investigative workload analysis for both GPU and CPU. Using this tool you can analyze your workload GPU usage.
  • Also, in regard to Aspeed onboard graphic chip driver leading to issues on Iris pro P6300, I suggest contacting Original Equipment Manufacturer who can help provide a workaround or fix for the issue. 


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