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How to increase speed of H.264 Decode in AMD processor's machine ( using INTEL IPP )

Hi INTEL support,
We are using INTEL based Media SDK ( IPP + H.264 Encoder, Decoder ) for screen share application. In Intel based machine encoding, decode take less time when campare to AMD processor's machine.
Some of clients are using AMD machine for our screen share application and he is getting low ( it's take 1 sec per each frame decode ) performance decoding of H.264 frame which is generated from either INTEL / AMD processor's machine.
we need a help to improve performance in AMD process's machine while decoding of H.264 data frame.
Encoded Screen sizes are HD resolution (1280x720 ) or some times Full HD (1920x1080 ). but in INTEL based machine is acceptable speed for decode a frame in HD frames.
We observed very low speed of decode a frame in AMD : AMD E-450 APU Radeon HD Graphis 1.65GHz.
Bhanuprakash V.
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Im not sure I understand which product you are using.

Are you using the Intel Performance Primitives (IPP) which is optimized for CPU capabilities, or are you using the Intel Media SDK APIs, which is an interface that can be accelerated? Graphics drivers for many Intel platforms include an implementation of the Media SDK interface that uses dedicated hardware acceleration.


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