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IPPsc decode function makes buffer corrupted




I have no idea why the app buffer is corrupted, when using IPP library to decode EVS codec package with 128k bitrate. The buffer is corrupted in function e9_Copy ().


The test case is running on Linux x86_64 platform.

The version of IPP I am using:

IPPSP: ippSP AVX (e9) Sep  2 2016 9.0.2 (r49804).PVSDK 1.2.1
IPPSC: ippSC AVX (e9) Mar 24 2017 9.0.2 (r49804).PVSDK 1.5.0

>>Hardware watchpoint 2: (FILE*)*0x3689d90


Old value = (FILE *) 0xfffffffffbad2c84

New value = (FILE *) 0x1c2c84

0x0000000001b5eca6 in e9_Copy ()

(gdb) bt

#0  0x0000000001b5eca6 in e9_Copy ()

#1  0x00000000007faabb in e9_post_decoder ()

#2  0x000000000092ccb8 in e9_decoder_LPD ()

#3  0x00000000007e755f in e9_dec_acelp_tcx_frame ()

#4  0x0000000000589346 in e9_evs_dec_fx ()

#5  0x000000000057a0cf in e9_ippsIntel_EVS_Decoder_Exec ()

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