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Inconsistency in the use of PicTimingSEI coding option



I'm using the Media SDK's H264 Software and QSV encoding capabilities.

My problem is has follows:

When I encoded a .mov file using the QSV encoder, Quicktime wasn't able to playback the file, showing a green image for the entire file length. The same settings using the SW encoder generated a file that was perfeclty played back in Quicktime.

After a couple of tests and debugging I found out that the culprit was the mfxExtCodingOption's PicTimingSEI option:

When I disable this option, QSV encoding shows green in Quicktime and when I enable it, everything plays fine (even if I do not encode any picture timing). With the SW encoder, everything works fine, regardless of the value of PicTimingSEI.

Why do I have to enable this option so that the encoded footage using QSV can be played back in Quicktime? Is this a bug?


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Hi Daniel,

Quicktime is known to be very sensitive including, timestamps, SEI and profiles. Based on that it may be hard to locate the root cause.

Can you please share the details about your Media SDK encoder configuration and also the method you use for muxing the stream into the mov container?


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Hi Petter,

Thanks for your answer.

My concern is that I don't understand what could be the differences between encoding in SW and encoding in QSV (since it's only in QSV that I see the bug).

I've attached an mp4 files enocded using QSV. I've also attached the logs using the media SDK tracer.

It will be nice to have some input one what I might be doing wrong.


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