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The Intel Media SDK project is no longer active. For continued support and access to new features, Intel Media SDK users are encouraged to read the transition guide on upgrading from Intel® Media SDK to Intel® Video Processing Library (VPL), and to move to VPL as soon as possible.
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Intel-Media-SDK supported processors




Query 1:

I wanted to confirm on the supported processors of Intel media SDK.

Currently from the Intel media sdk overview page  & refering the 

we have identified that it is supported on the following set of processors.

Intel Xeon E-2000G family, Intel Core 3rd to 11th gen,

Intel Celeron N3350, J3355, J3455 , Intel pentium N4200, Intel Atom X5-E3930,3940,3950. ( apollo lake)

Xeon scalable 1st and 2nd gen, Intel Xeon E5 processor version 4 & 5 ( only version 4  found ) .

Xeon E3- 1200 v4 and v5 and E3 - 1500 v5


Are these the supported list or is there anyother additional processors supported which is not mentioned ? Will there be support of intel media SDK on the latest generation of Celeron/atom/pentium processors , Xeon , Core processors apart from this list in the near future ?


In general what all parameters has to be considered in choosing the processors for Intel media sdk applicaition ( multiple streams , decode and playback with video frames composition to matrix )  ?

Is Execution Units ( EU)  of importance in these usecases ?


Query 2 ( yocto support)

Is there Yocto BSP support for the Xeon E-2000G ( E-2374G) processor available ?


Query 3 ( gstreamer msdk)

Can Gstreamer MSDK be used on the processors supporting Intel MSDK ? Also Can Gstreamer MSDK work with newer Gstreamer versions > 1.14 ?





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Thanks for posting in Intel Communities.


The list of supported processors which you have mentioned from overview page and release notes is correct.


All future development of MSDK is planned to happen within oneVPL library and its runtime implementations which are direct successors of Intel® Media SDK.

oneVPL introduces API 2.x series which is not backward compatible with API 1.x series (some features got dropped).

New VPL Runtime for Gen Graphics ( comes with the support of new Gen platforms.


Regarding the question "Would all the processors with Intel Quicksync supports MSDK" :

In general,  3rd through 11th generation Intel® Core™ processors supports Media SDK. The main thing to look to make sure the Intel Media SDK compatibility is processor graphics or Quick Sync Video (QSV). To find out if the QSV is enabled, please visit this page (


About Yocto BSP support on Xeon E-2000G ( E-2374G) processor :

Intel processors are heterogeneous. Most processors have powerful CPUs as well as very capable
iGPUs, dGPUs and often other hardware blocks as well. Intel processor graphics GPUs have two main groups
of hardware of interest to media developers:


Execution Units/EUs: General purpose execution units. These are used for graphics rendering, but they
are also suited to a wide range of media processing tasks. Depending on options chosen EUs may be used.  EUs are the general purpose processors on the "slice" part of our architecture.


Media Fixed Function: In addition, specialized fixed function hardware accelerates video codec and frame
processing algorithms for fundamentally higher performance at lower power than the EUs or CPUs.


Regarding the 3rd query:

You can make it work by building the stack from the source but we don't have pre-compiled layers or recipes for general distribution.  There is an IoTG group that helps customers with Yocto. We can help you connect to the Yocto group if this is something you would like to pursue.    

GStreamer supports  Media SDK (MSDK) and oneVPL. Intel is committed to open-source standards and provides many PRs to the GStreamer and FFmpeg community repositories.  Starting earlier this year the latest versions of GStreamer support oneVPL in the MSDK plugin.  Related Article:



Hope this will clarify you queries. If so, please feel free to accept the solution.





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