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Intel VTune Amplifier 2018 Update 3 - Installation Error


We have a license server setup/installed (ver. 2.6) and have been running into the following error when attempting the client installation for Intel VTune Amplifier 2018 Update 3 with the Floating license activation option.

"Activation rights do not allow this software to be installed. This could be due to expired subscription or outdated Intel(R) Software License Manager."

To better outline our environment, we have the license manager setup at a specific site (Site A). All clients at Site A do not appear to be having any issue installing the client with the floating license manager option. At another remote site (Site B), which has full and complete network access to Site A, we encounter the above error during a client installation when using the "Floating license activation" option.

There are no firewalls running on the license manager server (i.e. Site A works just fine) and clients from Site B are able to make standard telnet connections to port 27009 on the license server in Site A. 

We WERE able to install 'VTune_Amplifier_XE_2017_update5' from the remote site using the Floating license activation option, but are unable to do so with the 2018 Update 3 client.


Tested against all 2018 "Update" versions and all fail. However, 2018 RTM is able to pass the Floating license activation successfully.

Perhaps this is a bug of some sort?

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Sorry I can't answer your request, but this is the forum for Media SDK not vTune, please find a correct forum to post this request.


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