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Intel msdk dynamic library missing interfaces




Intel msdk dynamic library missing interfaces



The problem: Intel msdk dynamic library missing interface as follows: MFXVideoUSER_Load, MFXVideoUSER_UnLoad.This two interfaces are Indispensable when it will decode video。


INDE Version: w_inde_2015.1.021.exe

The System Info: Win7_64bit, E3-1285v3 @ 3.60GHz 4C8T, Intel Iris™ Pro Graphics P6300, 8G(4GX2 DDR3 1600MHz), The graphic driver , version:4223(20140522)



The 32-bit msdk dynamic library is as follows:.


Its interfaces is as follows:



Its header file is as follows:  (we can see the interfaces of 32-bit msdk dynamic are less than the ones of header file)






The 64-bit msdk dynamic library is as follows, it looks that it can’t be used.




Other,The Static library (libmfx.lib) can be used normally.


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Hi Jiguan,

Looks like some contents of your post can't be displayed in the webpage. Could you repost again? From the information above, the INDE version is old, and the same with driver. Can you please update to the latest MediaSDK from Intel Software Manager? The latest version is After update, if you still see the same issue, please let us know. Thanks. 

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