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The Intel Media SDK project is no longer active. For continued support and access to new features, Intel Media SDK users are encouraged to read the transition guide on upgrading from Intel® Media SDK to Intel® Video Processing Library (VPL), and to move to VPL as soon as possible.
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Is it available to use OGL renderbuffer or texture as input

Similar to other question in thread is possible to use OGL texture directly as media sdk input buffer.. if not how it's possible to use that as input without host copies/transfers (remaining all in GPU mem).. I asked OpenCL forums if it's possible to create a OCL context with simultaneousOGL and D3D/DXVA interopas that would be a solution, not?
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No, Sorry the Media SDK cannot work directly on a OGL texture surface, the format of the surface would need to be in NV12. The Media SDK has a limited set of color conversions that can be done in HW (YU12, YUY2, RGB4) but you would need to convert the OGL texture to one of those inputs.


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