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Is the Intel Media SDK helpful for our application?


We have an aplication which currently sends images from a server to a client. There are about 6 cameras which the server has to grab and sends to the client. At the moment these images are uncompressed (Resolution 1280x960) and the transfer produce a lot of traffic. We have delveloped our own compression which can reduce the mount of data down to 30%, but also the framerate will strongly decrease and this is not acceptable.

Due our research, we discovered the Intel Media SDK and it seems to be that what we are looking for.
But there are still some question.
1) We are using an embedded system with an I7 on a Q67 chipset. Will the SKD, espacially Quick-Sync, works with the Q67 Chipset?
2) At the finalsystem, there will be no monitor connected. Is that a problem for the SDK?
3) At the moment, we grab an image and sends it via winsocks to the client. If I understand the SDK right, it needs some frames to produce a h.264 Video, or is it possible just to encode one frame?
4) The client system is not an Intel System. Can we use just another H.264 decoder to get our images back?
5) Is there special options for grey-images? Our cams only produce B/W-Images, so color is not important for us.

I know, this are a lot of question, but hopefully someone can awnser.

Best regards
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Hi Teddds,

It certainly looks like H.264 compression would be a great benefit to your application.

Let me try to answer your questions one by one:

1. Most 2nd Generation Core processors does support HW encode acceleration. Make sure your server platform is configured with a processor with those capabilities. Look for processors with the QSV capability at
One important note is that Media SDK is only validated and supported for Win7 and Vista. As you can see from some other forum posts we do not currently support other Windows OSs or other OSs such as Linux or OSX.

2. There are workarounds for this that have been discussed in this forum. See the following thread to assess if this is a workable option for you:

3. Not sure I fully understand this question. Are you saying you do not really have a need to encode video but just individual images with long time intervals in between?
If that is the case I guess MSDK/H.264 may still be an option but in that case you may also want to explore just plain JPEG encode/decode.

4. Sure.

5. There are no special options for B/W images.
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