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Issues with Unity3D Android


I try to add video capturing using this tutorial for Unity3D Personal edition. Unity version 5.1.2, Android 4.4.4

My steps:
1) Copy android-1.2.2675.jar and domain-1.2.2675.jar into Assets/Android/Plugins folder and set Android as target. 
2) Run build.xml with 
Capturing.jar on output, also set Android as target to this jar. 
3) Add AndroidManifest.xml files from first part of tutorial with modified package name (equals to package name in all .java files from step 2)
4) Change Capture.cs because I have landscape app:

public int videoWidth = 1024; 
public int videoHeight = 600;

Project runs normally but when I press StartCapture button I get a lot of GL_* errors. First two errors are 

E/OMXMaster﹕ A component of name '' already exists, ignoring this one.

E/ACodec﹕ [] storeMetaDataInBuffers (output) failed w/ err -2147483648

But next line is "setupVideoEncoder succeeded". Really succeeded?
Full log:

After that I get empty .mp4 file. Any solution? 

Lev S.



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Hi Lev, 

I suspect this could due to one of the known issue, where unity is breaking the camera capture pipeline. Our development team is already aware of this issue and expect to fix this bug with next Media for Mobile update. Please stay tuned for the update. 


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Hi, Harsh 

Thanks for your answer! I'll be waiting for the update.


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