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Kaby Lake: Real-time H264 to H265 Hardware Transcoding


I get 4 live CCTV camera feed aggregate at about 4 Mbps encoded in H264.

My objective is I would like to cut down on the bandwidth as I need to send this feed across the network. So I'm thinking this is where Intel Media SDK can help me. My hope is that the SDK could transcode – in real-time – H264 video stream to H265.

If I purchased the Kaby Lake processor, and wait a bit until the Intel Media SDK updated its software to fully support the new processor, will the SDK allow me to fully take advantage of transcoding in hardware (thus reducing CPU consumption, thus reducing heat and power requirements?)

Anyone could help give some details to get this geek excited? ;-)


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Hi Siva,

Could you be more specific the requirement? Are you saying 4 live stream transcoding? What is the resolution?

There are also platform restriction could apply, if you run sample_multi_transcode with 4 streams, you could see the FPS is very fast; but the real bottleneck might be from the other issue, for example the file I/O(not apply to this case, just an example).


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