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MSDK decode , switch video stream problem, memory leak? and restart failure?



when is decoding with IPC A's stream(1080p), and I want to close it and start decode IPC B's stream(720p).

which operation is correct in the follow:

1.    Release Pipeline


      for (;;)      {  sts = Pipeline.RunDecoding();...}

2  or:  use ResetDecoder()

      for (;;)      {  sts = Pipeline.RunDecoding();....}

When used first method,  restart success.  But memery will grow much.   Is it memery leak?

When used second method,restart failure. But if IPC B's stream also 1080p,restart will success.

what's wrong?

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Hi Andy, 

I do need more details to understand the complete operation of your scenario. Please share a log of system analyzer from and code snippet of you application, so we can take a closer look. You might be interested in taking a look at this article:


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