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Mad DTS jumps are observed sometimes at h264 encoder output

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mfxBitstream::DecodeTimeStamp of some encoded frames is ~22 minutes back from it's expected value.
It occurs under certain GopPicSize/GopRefDist/NumRefFrame/IdrInterval/PicStruct encoder initialization combinations.

For example, GopPicSize = 35, GopRefDist = 4, NumRefFrame = 3, IdrInterval = 1, progressive:
out frame 70, dts is incorrect by -1310.720 seconds;
out frame 140, dts is incorrect by -1310.720 seconds;
out frame 210, dts is incorrect by -1310.720 seconds;
out frame 280, dts is incorrect by -1310.720 seconds;

And more. Number of encoded frames is less than the number of input frames under certain initialization combinations (latter combinations don't correlate with dts-jump combinations).

x86 application, MFX_IMPL_SOFTWARE, imsdk 1.8, msvs2010 (with latest updates), i7-3770, win7x64.
Demo application is attached:

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Sorry for the delayed reply.  Thank you for your description and reproducer.  We're looking into this and will get back to you soon with updates.

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