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The Intel Media SDK project is no longer active. For continued support and access to new features, Intel Media SDK users are encouraged to read the transition guide on upgrading from Intel® Media SDK to Intel® Video Processing Library (VPL), and to move to VPL as soon as possible.
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Mapping the functions listed in SDK Developer Reference to Sample Code



 I am tracing the sample code under Tutorial, like simple_session and sample_multi_transcode. And also trying to mapping the behavior and functions which are listed in SDK Developer Reference.

 But I found, it's hard to directly map them together. For example,  

 Creating Sessions list on manuals are always using MFXInit. But, refer to the source code, it aways implemented by 

// Initialize Intel Media SDK Session, device/display and memory manager
mfxStatus Initialize(mfxIMPL
impl, mfxVersion ver, MFXVideoSession* pSession, mfxFrameAllocator* pmfxAllocator, bool bCreateSharedHandles = false);

 Why MFXInit no longer used in the sample code? Or I miss understand something? Thanks.




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