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Memory leak in sample_decode of M-SDK


Hi, I encountered some memory leaking and CPU load increasing problems while use M-SDK for H264 decoding on Intel HD P530 graphics.

1. My environment is shown as follows:

(1) OS: Windows10 enterprise version 64b

(2) VS2015-14.0.25420.01 Update3

(3) CPU: Intel(R)Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 v5@3.5GHz

(4) GPU: HD P530

(5) System memory: 32GB

2. Test steps.

(1) I downloaded version Version, from the URL, which is given in intel's official website:

(2) Open the decoding solution located in samples/sample_decode.

(3) One 1080p h264 stream is as the input.

(4) Set command parameter in VS: h264 -i H:\DHY\STREAM\planet_1080p.264 -p,  "H:\DHY\STREAM\planet_1080p.264" is the stream path.

(5) Add fseek() in code in order to read in that input stream in  an infiniteloop, because there are only about 40000 frame within that file.

3. Outcome

(1) When the first frame is decoded, the CPU load is 10%, and memory usage is 91MB in Windows's task-manager,

(2) After the process runs 60 minutes, I pause the process and it says the CPU is 14% while memory usage is 148MB.

(3) During this period, CPU load increase 4% and memory usage increase 57MB, however the memory usage value goes up continuously.

4. Can you give me some advice for these question described above。

Thanks for your patience.



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When the application finished running and quit, whether the memory usage from device manager got increased significantly compared to before starting? if you run two hours, will the memory usage be doubled?

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