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Problem with OpenCL SDK ReportViewer on Linux


We have installed OpenCL SDK version 1.2-    When we run ReportViewer we get this error:  

$ ./ReportViewer ~/d.html

QOpenGLWidget: Failed to create context

QOpenGLWidget: Failed to create context

QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 442, resource id: 27262984, major code: 2 (ChangeWindowAttributes), minor code: 0


The QXcbConnection error repeats many times with different major codes and fails to run.

The Linux OS is CentOS 7.3.    The desktop we are logging in from is Windows 2012R2, using Cygwin as the SSH client:

Cygwin/X X Server

Version 1.19.2 (x86_64-unknown-cygwin)

Package: version 1.19.2-1 built 2017-03-09


Note that we have also tried using MobaXterm and also PuTTY/Xming.   In these cases the X server on Windows simply stops working when we run ReportViewer on the Linux server.   We can run other X11 applications on the Linux server and redirect the display to our desktop.   However, we can not run ReportViewer.   If anyone can shed light on this we would most appreciate it.





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