Media (Intel® Video Processing Library, Intel Media SDK)
Access community support with transcoding, decoding, and encoding in applications using media tools like Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library and Intel® Media SDK
The Intel Media SDK project is no longer active. For continued support and access to new features, Intel Media SDK users are encouraged to read the transition guide on upgrading from Intel® Media SDK to Intel® Video Processing Library (VPL), and to move to VPL as soon as possible.
For more information, see the VPL website.

Sandy Bridge and the Media SDK

MediaSDK and Sandy Bridge.. how will these marry?
Will there be better performance with a Sandy Bridge CPU?

I have to admit I have not been following the GPU intergration since the Larabee days. It seems that Sandy Bridge might have a huge performance impact for transcoding data. In transcoding seems to be built into the new huge cpu/gpu? from what I have read.
How does this all work together how does it effect performance. I have no idea yet but have some time to read and cacth up.

Your ideas thoughts roadmaps on where this new integration is going would be great.

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