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[UHD 620 / Surface Pro 6] Slow VPP for YUV->RGB conversion


System: Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (128 GB)

  • CPU: i5-8250U
  • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620
    • Driver:
  • RAM: 8 GB @ 1867 MHz
  • OS: Windows 10 1809 (10.0.17763)


I am using the Media SDK for decoding an H.264 stream, with VPP to convert the decoder's NV12 output to RGB. On the Surface Pro 6, decoding 1920x1080 content takes about ~2.5 - 3 ms. Converting NV12 to (RGB) takes ~8-9 ms, but can take upwards of 20 ms on some frames. It gets a couple milliseconds slower running on battery (despite selecting the Best Performance power profile). I tried two different Surface Pro 6 tablets and both have this performance.

On a Microsoft Surface Go (Intel UHD 615), it's a lot more reasonable. Decoding takes about ~4 ms while the color format conversion takes ~2 ms, with very little variance.

Task Manager has a Video Processing graph for the Surface Pro 6, but it always shows 0% usage. Not sure if this is intended to capture VPP workload or not though. The SDK never returns MFX_WRN_PARTIAL_ACCELERATION.


This sounds like a firmware issue from my perspective, but if there is any workaround (or if this is fixed in a newer driver), please let me know! Any advice would be appreciated.

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