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hardware accelerated video on GMA 3150



I have a platform based on a Intel Atom D525 (Pineview) CPU. The Intel website describing CPU capabilities [1] say "yes" for the item "Integrated Graphics". Searching the web, I found on Wikipedia [2] that this particular CPU has a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 as GPU. 

I also found the "Quick reference guide to HD graphics" on Intel website [3], and it clearly explains that the GMA has no ability to decode h264 or VC-1. 

So, here is my question : what is the status of the GMA 3150 regarding hardware decoding through IMSDK ? Is it supported ? 

If so, what is the safe initialization process to be sure to always use the best decoder ? For now, we try to instanciate a hardware session, and if it fails, we instanciate a software session. But here, the software/hardware choice comes with the standard : we should use a software session for AVC and a hardware session for MPEG-2 ?






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While the drivers for this platform support the Microsoft DXVA APIs for decoding, they do not support the Intel Media SDK API.


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