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i find media sdk can't encode by hardware in 32 bit windows 7 system.


I use  intel media sdk 2017 to realize hardware encoding function,it works well on win7 64 bit computer,but cant work on win7 32 bit. the two. According the requirement,it only has the intel graphic card.

     the 32bit cpu is intel i3 4th processor,the 64 bit cpu is intel i3 6th processor.

so i don't know  sdk surpport 32bit hardware encoding?if surpport,what shoud i do to solve this problem?thanks.

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Hi Jack,

Media sdk supports 32 bit hardware encoding, I am using h264 encoder on Windows7 32 bit system. If it is not running on your system then there could be many things responsible like,

- Encoding format: which encoder you are using?

- driver version: what driver version you are using and what SDK API level it is exposing?

- graphics card hardware: as per your description (intel i3 4th gen processor) it is supported for h264, but probably not for h265.

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