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sample_decode.exe is not running on all system



I have created my own sample_decode.exe for Screen Capture , i am providing plugins 22d62c07e672408fbb4cc20ed7a053e4 . After building the project when i run the exe with it's plugins in same folder it is running fine. But when i am running it on different system, then  some system runs it successfully but some systems are not running it. 

I am copying exe and plugins on different system to run it. But not all the systems are running it. 

Different systems error:

System1: Error when i call InitEx(initPar)... where initPar is MFX_IMPL_HARDWARE_ANY.

System2: Error is when Guid plugin not loaded

But on some systems it is working fine.

All the systems is having Version on graphics greater then 1.11.


Help me to get the solution.

Thank you 

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Hi Mohammad, Can you please ask Media related questions on this forum, which is much more actively monitored and supported?

Reg your question, it is hard to say what the issue is without the system details for each of the configs you are testing on - platform, driver, OS, MSDK version. Also, for applications that are built on one and deployed on other, simply copying the executables and plugins will not work. You need to have the underlying msdk libraries on the system, as well as plugins installed (and recognized by the platform).

Please move this question to the media forum. We will monitor there very actively and you will find more support there. Thanks.

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