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simple_vpp tutorial, error at SyncOperation



I'm new to the Media SDK, still learning how to use it, I try to understand and run every tutorial project. However, I have a problem in the simple_4_vpp_resize_denoise tutorial (v0.0.3), I get this error: "Undefined behavior. c:\(...)\src\simple_vpp.cpp 249" This is in Stage 1, it seems that SyncOperation throws this error. Do you have any suggestions what could cause this problem?


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Hello Balint,

Thanks for your question. The tutorial you mention has been tested and works without any issue on a couple of platforms I tried. Given the behavior you are seeing, I suggest the following - 

1. The behavior you are seeing could be caused by unsupported platform or drivers. Please run the mediasdk_system_analyzer_<config>.exe in the tools/ folder of MediaSDK install folder. This tool will show you the supported platforms. Please ensure your host system is supported.

2. Try running the code with -sw option (enforcing software execution and not hardware).

If you have more questions, please send us a few more details that could be helpful, such as - your host system, drivers, OS used, and the input stream being used.



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