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using video memory returning MFX_ERR_MEMORY_ALLOC


Hi all,

I'm using a endoder/decoder and when the allocator is going to  perform the memory allocation 

status = mfxAllocator.Alloc(mfxAllocator.pthis, &_encRequest, &mfxEncResponse);


I'm using video memory in hardware mode.

In the decoder part there is no problem I have this problem only in the encoder. is there any reason for that errror? I think that there is enough memory.


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Hi Fernando,

The information in your thread is not enough to understand why you are seeing the error. Can you let us know the following:

- Platform details (OS, hardware, version of MSS. If Windows, can you print output of system analyzer found in <SDK>/tools/sys_analyzer)

- Can you use our tutorial application simple_3_encode_vmem or simple_3_encode_vmem_async  ( to see if you observe the same issue? These are code examples that are doing video encode using video memory and HW implementation.

- Can you send the command-line you are using (what codec, params being given)?


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Here is the information...

Yes, I have test that examples and they works, but the problem is that I'm creating several encoders/decoders. with decoders there are no problems, but with encoders if I create one it is OK but when I create a second one alloc returns the error.

Intel Media SDK System Analyzer (32 bit)

The following versions of Media SDK API are supported by platform/driver:

        Version Target  Supported       Dec     Enc
        1.0     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.0     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.1     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.1     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.3     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.3     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.4     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.4     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.5     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.5     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.6     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.6     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.7     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.7     SW      Yes             X       X
        1.8     HW      Yes             X       X
        1.8     SW      Yes             X       X

Graphics Devices:
        Name                                         Version             State
        Intel(R) HD Graphics Family               Active

System info:
        CPU:    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4500U CPU @ 1.80GHz
        OS:     Microsoft Windows 8.1
        Arch:   64 bits

Installed Media SDK packages (be patient...processing takes some time):
        Intel« INDE Media SDK for Windows

Installed Media SDK DirectShow filters:

Installed Intel Media Foundation Transforms:
  Intel« Hardware M-JPEG Decoder MFT : {00C69F81-0524-48C0-A353-4DD9D54F9A6E}
  Intel« Hardware VP9 Sync Decoder MFT : {07AB4BD2-1979-4FCD-A697-DF9AD15B34FE}
  Intel« Hardware VP9 Decoder MFT : {0C69E30B-A112-4A86-B496-35120CD745D5}
  Intel« Hardware VP8 Sync Decoder MFT : {451E3CB7-2622-4BA5-8E1D-44B3C41D0924}
  Intel« Hardware VP8 Decoder MFT : {6D856398-834E-4A89-8EE5-071BB3F58BE4}
  Intel« Quick Sync Video H.264 Encoder MFT : {4BE8D3C0-0515-4A37-AD55-E4BAE19AF

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