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DE2 QSYS => MicroC/OS-II

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Hello everyone, 


I am new in this field and have problems to run even MicroC/OS-II example on a DE2 EP2C35. Everything is fine, when I do not use MicroC/OS-II. The declarations in verilog and the system build in QSYS are fine but as I told, when doing something with MicroC/OS-II it doesn't work even that I did everything I could with the onchip-memory and SDRAM. 


My question to anyone of you is if you are EXTREMELY KIND to enclose/send a complete simple project (Quartus II => Qsys => Nios ii using the MicroC/OS ii library). Whatever what is running so that I can study that and see how you did it. You can't imagine how valuable your help could be for me! 


Thank you very much in advance for support! I spent sooooo much time on this...
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Hello Halcon, 


I see this is a rather old request. I am just starting to do the very same thing. Did you ever figure out how to get the MicroC/OS-II running on a DE2 board? I have seen some instructions and an example in the textbook Chapter 18 (and 17) of "Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems", Hamblen, Hall and Furman, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, 2008 e-ISBN 978-0-387-72671-7. It is uses SOPC instead of Qsys, but I assume it would work with Qsys...  


Would be interested in hearing about any issues that you encountered if you did get it to work. 


Thanks for any info.