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DE2 -> QSYS -> Nios ii > MicroC/OS-II

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Hello everyone, 


I am new in this field and have problems to run even MicroC/OS-II example on a DE2 EP2C35. Everything is fine, when I do not use MicroC/OS-II. The declarations in verilog and the system build in QSYS are fine but as I told, when doing something with MicroC/OS-II it doesn't work even that I did everything I could with the onchip-memory and SDRAM. 


My question to anyone of you is if you are EXTREMELY KIND to enclose/send a complete simple project (Quartus II => Qsys => Nios ii using the MicroC/OS ii library). Whatever what is running so that I can study that and see how you did it. You can't imagine how valuable your help could be for me! 


Thank you very much in advance for support! I have spent so much time on this!
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The complete simple project you ask for is usually included into the dev board package. 

Look for and hello_ucosii
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Hello Cris72, 


Thank you very much for your replay! 


Yes, it is there but does not work and I don't know the reason. Ok I have Quartus II ver. 13.0 and the demos are in a pretty old version of quartus. Nios ii does not open correctly, even when specifying again the correct workspace. Are you so kind to send me that one running e.g. in Quartus ii 13.0. I know this is elemental but I am going in circles with this system. 


I appreciate it! 


PD: Creo que hablas español, verdad?