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How to use nios ii c code to make LCD panel on DE2-115 show special characters?

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Hello everyone,  

I'm working on a project from terasic demo named DE2_115_SD_Card_Audio_Player. 

It uses c code to control LCD display as below. 


static FILE *fp=0; 

bool LCD_TextOut(char *pText){ 

if (!fp) 

return FALSE; 

fwrite(pText, strlen(pText), 1, fp);  

return TRUE;  


If you type LCD_TextOut("Hello World\n\n"), 

then the LCD will show "Hello World" on the first line. 

Now I have a problem that I want to make the LCD show special characters  

such as Japnese characters which can't be typed in c code but are supported by LCD(HD44780). 

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