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Multi Core - unable to burn apps to Flash (No CFI table found)

New Contributor I

Hi, everyone,


I created in QSYS a Multi-Core system that currently contains Master and Slave (total 2 CPU).
I can burn the applications of each CPU using the Nios command shell by the commands:

1. "nios2-download -g Master.elf --instance=0".

2. "nios2-download -g Slave.elf --instance=1".


So far everything is working great, I see on the screen of the "Nios2-terminal" the prints that I expect.


When I try to burn the applications to Flash device, I get "No CFI table found" Error.
I use the following commands:
1. "elf2flash --input=Master.elf --output=Master.flash --epcs --offset=0x00F00000"
2. "nios2-flash-programmer --instance=0 --epcs --base=0x02000000 Master.flash".


Flash Device - MT25QL256.

Reset vector offset - Master - 0x00F00000.

Reset vector offset - Slave - 0x00F20000.

IP Core for Flash Device - Serial Flash Controller II Intel FPGA IP. QUAD mode


I would appreciate your help. Thanks!



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Hi Amir3,

Providing procedure document for QSYS a Multi-Core system (create multiprocessor NIOS-II system). please find bellow given link and follow the procedure.

link :


Hi Amir3,

Since I had provided you the solution and did not received any feedback from you, I shall set this case to close pending. If you still need further assistance, you are welcome reopen this case within 20days or open a new case, some one will be right with you.


I shall set this case to close pending,


If you happened to close this case you will receive a survey. If you think you would rank your support experience less than 10 out of 10, please allow me to correct it before closing or if the problem can’t be corrected, please let me know the cause so that I may improve your future service experience.




Best regards,

Hareesh B.

New Contributor I

Excuse me, but referring me to a general U.G that does not specify the way of programming that I am trying to perform is not a solution, especially since you referred me to a Multi-core U.G from 2011 when there is a more up-to-date guide from 2017.


Qsys System Design Tutorial, multi core reference design,  and video tutorial link sharing here. please go through it.


Qsys System Design Tutorial: 


multi core reference design: 


video tutorial: 


"No CFI Table Found" Error:

              When you run the flash programmer to program CFI flash memory, you get the error: "No CFI table found at address "

Probable Cause:

              The flash programmer can connect with a Nios II JTAG debug module in the FPGA, but it can not successfully execute a query to a flash memory at the base address specified.

Suggested Actions:

  •  If you are using quartus_pgm --nios2 from the command line, you must specify the correct base address for the CFI device. You can find the flash memory's base address in Platform Designer.
  • Ensure your flash memory hardware is correctly connected to place it at the base address specified in Platform Designer. Verify the base address by running the "Test Flash" routine in the "Memory Test" software template provided in the Nios II EDS. If the test fails, there is a problem with your memory connection. There are two places to look for the problem:
    • The physical connection on your target board
    • The pin assignments on the top-level FPGA design
  • If all else fails, ensure the flash memory device you are using does not require an override file. For more information, refer to Appendix A, Non-Standard Flash Memories.



document link  sharing here. in this document refer Troubleshooting section in page no. 30. 


Hi Amir3,

can you please respond whether you are still facing the issue or should i close the case 



Best regards,

Hareesh B.