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Enabling generic tri-state controller kills NIOS

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So, I have a basic NIOS project. It builds; meets timing; blinks an LED; it works. Nothing earth shattering. 


However, I'd like to access my flash. The QSYS way is to use the generic tri-state controller. Fine. I instantiate a generic tri-state controller, hook it up, and rebuild. 


Dead. The basic init logic seems to work--my LED's come on and stay on (they do not do that until the FPGA is programmed). 


However, the system can't even get the system hash or timestamp via JTAG. It probably never comes out of reset. 


The *ONLY* difference is that I check or uncheck the "Use" checkbox on the tri-state controller and the hit generate. If I use the controller, the system is dead. If I do not use the controller, the system works fine--I get the hash, the timestamp, and my LED's blink. 


Suggestions for how to debug this? QSYS file attached.
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Okay, I tried this in both Quartus 12.1sp1 and 13.1 and it fails the same way. Let me ask a simpler question: 


Does anybody have any evidence that the generic tri-state controller to access flash actually *works*?  


If there is at least one person who can claim that the QSYS tri-state controller works with flash, then I will continue to try to figure this out. If nobody has ever used this, then there is no point to trying to make this work and I should go back to SOPC Builder. 


Thanks for any advice.
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