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[HELP] DE1 SoC - ADC Controller

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My name is Jehovah, I bought a DE1-SoC board Rev C and I have some questions about how to use the ADC in my project (ADC 7928). 


In case you want to know how would I use the ADC controller, I explain here: 

I intend to create a control system where I instantiate the HPS and some pins of communication between HPS and FPGA using QSYS. The HPS will be responsible for implement the PID algorithm. In Quartus, I will have 2 blocks in VHDL: one to read data from the ADC and send these data to HPS and the other block will be responsible for receive data from HPS and generate the PWM signal to my system.  


So, I saw the demonstration in the CD-ROM folder and I will start questioning if it's necessary to use the ARM core to read data from the ADC.  


In Quartus 15.1 it has two ADC controller modules for the de1 soc, one in the IP Catalog and the other in QSYS. My first guess is that in the first case it's not necessary to use the ARM and we need to follow the datasheet and create a state machie in VHDL in order to use the ADC. If yes, could you show an example of this in VHDL?  


I really didn't understand the difference between the modules in the QSYS and another in the IP Catalog and if you could explain me both it would be great. 


I know that it's possible to implement the PID using only Hardware but I'd really like to make this project using both: HPS and FPGA. 


If you have any suggestion or answers to my questions, I would be extremely thankful. 



Jehovah Coelho
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