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Help with git and working with different versions of kernel

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Till now I am building linux with tarball. Now I want to go one step ahead and try different versions of kernels, like 3.0 stable and 3.1-rc9. 


I obtained git updates with "git fetch origin" in all folders (linux2.6, uClinx-dist..) 


I go to linux2.6 and used "git checkout v3.0-nios2" 


The boards folder disappears from arch/nios2 directory. Also I have many different options appears when i run menu gconfig (xconfig not working). 


How can I obtain kernel version with the boards folder as it is? (I am new to git) 


where can i find details about buildroot changes?
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The latest NIOS II Linux uses Device Tree to avoid needing custom headers for each board/fpga configuration, so sometime after 3.0 the boards directory was removed. I think you're using git correctly, it's just that directory is actually not there anymore.

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