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How to use DE10-Standard Ethernet Port (Veek MT2S) in Quartus as pins listed within manual are not readable or writable?


Hello all,


I am currently working on an assignment for university and I have across a blockade. I am unsure how to use the on-board ethernet port located on the DE10-Standard VEEK MT2S. I (and my entire class) have been reading through this user manual:


On page 44 and 45 of the manual are the lists of pins used by the RJ-45 Ethernet Port. It seems, however, that my compiler, Quartus Prime Lite Edition 18.1, does not allow me to read from these pins.


I need to use VHDL for this assignment (no exceptions) and, unfortunately, I am at a loss to what to do. What is the proper operation and/or mechanism that I need to take to be able to retrieve basic data, such as an integer, from a computer using a normal ethernet cable and the ethernet port on the DE10-Standard VEEK MT2S? Again, this needs to be in VHDL so C-programming won't help me much to understand. Essentially, I need to figure out a way to be able to read from the port (don't need to write) through the above described.


The computer is programmed using Qt and C++ which sends an integer across the ethernet cord. The underlying issue is how to use VHDL Code with pins, addresses, or whatever represents the ethernet port on the VEEK MT2S, to essentially store that value into a variable.


Any help we be appreciated.








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This is a Terasic board which I would recommend you to contact them on this. From my understanding, the Ethernet should be connected to the SOC pin which is not able to directly design using Quartus. You will need to enabled it through SOC ARM processor​

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