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Installing quartus II on Debian Wheezy(7.1)

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I've been working at installing Quartus II on Debian Wheezy(7.1) and have been following the following guide, which was written over a year and a half ago: 

Anyhow, now that Debian has multi arch support, I've been having problems installing the libraries ia32-libs-gtk as there are conflicts as shown here: 

I've started up Quartus without a problem, although I don't want to be sitting there one week from a deadline trying to get something done and encounter a problem that i can't resolve, so I'm posting here now. Can anyone from Altera go through this and update this guide to check that there are no dependencies that go unresolved now that Wheezy has multiarch support? Also what seems to be the difficulty in including Debian as a supported OS for Quartus, seeing as how Debian is so widespread and the community's been able to find out ways to make it work, albeit they haven't kept it up to date? Also, once I've gone through the setup wizard, do I need to do anything else to finish my install? Thanks!
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