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JRunner + ARM7 + uCLinux

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Hi all! 


I'm currently working in a embedded system, which combines an ARM7 LPC 2468 running an uCLinux, and a FPGA Cyclone III. I need to program the FPGA using the ARM7, so I'm trying to port the JRunner, but still have a lot of problems. 


I changed the port functions and recompile the program. Then I execute the program in the uCLinux of the uC as well as I use the JRunner in windows: ./jrunner name.cdf 

It opens properly the .cdf, but then it shows a error message. Apparently it can not open the .rbf indicated in the .cdf (it seems that it cannot understand the path as "./" ¿?). 


Have anyone of you ported the JRunner to a uC with uCLinux, or at least to an ARM7? Could you please give me a little help? 


Thank you!!
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