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Maximum GPIO Pin Toggling in Bare-Metal DE1-Soc Project

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I am using DE1-SoC to start bare-metal programming for dual-core Cortex-A9 ARM hard processor, Cyclone V. 


My code is just Toggling a GPIO pin to measure maximum toggling frequency for hps using Altera HWLIB as bellow 


while (true) { 

alt_replbits_word(GPIO_addr , 8388608, 8388608); 

alt_replbits_word(GPIO_addr , 8388608, 0); 



I get 500KHz as maximum GPIO pin toggling frequency. 


My questions are: 


1- Is this the maximum GPIO toggling frequency or I can increase it to reach more than 10MHz, if yes how can I ? 

2- As I am working with 925MHz Processor It is supposed to get higher toggling frequency, is that true? 



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