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Missing driver for custom component in NIOS SBT.


Currently I'm trying to get a custom driver into my NIOS SBT.

I added a <component>_hw.tcl and a <component>_sw.tcl into a custom folder and added it to my ip search path in quartus. Looks like the <compoent>_hw.tcl is working. All files are loaded and so on. But I am missing the .c and .h files from my _sw.tcl in the NIOS SBT.

I tried my best to keep track of the steps in this document:

But I guess I missed something there.


My _sw.tcl file: (_hw.tcl is too huge for the question)

The _hw.tcl is the zim_qspi_controller_hw.tcl where there is the line set_module_property NAME zim_qspi_controller and top level is named the same. The files are in the same directory.

# Set the driver name and link it agains the zim_qspi_controller Module create_driver zim_qspi_controller_driver set_sw_property hw_class_name zim_qspi_controller   # Carriage Return gehört noch entfernt. # Mit replace, extendend und replace \r mit nichts   set_sw_property version 18.0   set_sw_property min_compatible_hw_version 0.7   set_sw_property auto_initialize true   set_sw_property csr_interfaces "data,csr"   set_sw_property bsp_subdirectory drivers   add_sw_property c_source HAL/src/zim_qspi_controller.c   add_sw_property include_source HAL/inc/zim_qspi_controller.h add_sw_property include_source inc/zim_qspi_controller_regs.h   add_sw_property supported_bsp_type HAL add_sw_property supported_bsp_type UCOSII # add_sw_property supported_bsp_type hal # add_sw_property supported_bsp_type LWHAL   # End of file

 To add, no ip folder is created when compiling the design (where the software files should be?) and I am using Platform Designer 18.0 build 614.



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