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Niche StackIP Issue

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I am attempting communications using sockets between 2 machines using ethernet connection, one of them using NIOS-II niche stackIP. 


In the client side(NIOS-II), I have created two tasks one for sending and the other for receive.  



The following cases work well i.e. communications is working/happening 


1) when server and client are continuously sending and receiving.  

2) when server is only sending data continuously/intermittently and client is only receiving. 

3) when server is only receiving and client is only sending continuously. 


The problem is that communication fails when 

1) server is continuously receiving and intermittenly sending data...the client(both send and receive are in the same thread/task or different thread/task)) fails to get any data. 



(In an earlier case....the send and receive functions were present in the same thread/task and LWIP stackIP was used... 

The same program is not working with niche stackIP) 


Any suggestions?  


Thanking you. 


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