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Nios II Hardware Configuration option missing from Eclipse Run menu

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I have been having issues with the Eclipse environment so I went back to basics and build the Hello World small program. When I got to tried to run the program there was no Nios II hardware configuration available on the run configuration menu. I tried to create a new run configuration but the error i got was: "Plug-in com.altera.sbtgui.launch was unable to load class com.altera.sbtgui.launch.hardware.ui.Nios2HardwareLaunchConfigurationTabGroup." 

I am running Altera 11.1 withe the laterst eclipse tools and sp2 under WIndows 7 Enterprise. I have been seeing other strange behaviors. Any suggestions? 

Thanks! John
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I had an similar problem after the update from quartus 10 to quartus 11.1sp2. After some mails with altera support, I got a solution. 


First start a dosbox an go to "quartus installation directory"\11.1sp2\quartus\bin. 

Here start the file "jtagconfig.exe". These shows you the installed programming devices. In my case, there were more than one USB-Blaster in this list. That was the problem. 

I could not really remember how I removes the unnecessary Blaster. There was a command like "-remove -1", where the 1 was the number of the device in the list! 

I hope you will find the command. Maybe you could post it, if you are successful. 


Greets Sim
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Step 1 : Run application in compatibility mode for Windows XP 

Step 2 : Run the application as administrator.