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Nios2 debug and variable panel

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Hello guys.. this issue is driving me mad !! 


I can't understand while debugging some projects the variable panel shows that my vars value are all 0s. Moreover if I put an alt_printf() in my code, exactly a step before the breakpoint after which I check my vars value with the variables tab, the nios console shows the exact value of the var !! So What I See Is Not What I Get !! 




alt_u8 myvar=0x01; 


--> variable panels shows myvar=0x00 

--> alt_printf() shows 0x01 


To make matters worse on some projects I can't see any variable in the variable panel as if there are no vars at all in my main() function. 


I'm running quartus13sp1 web edition 



Do you have any suggestion ?! 


Thank you and have a nice day !
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The problem was the optimization. If it is turned on unusued variable are not displayed and step debugging is not sequantial.  


You can disable optimization in this way: 

- right click on your project -> properties 

- click on Nios2 application properties 

- set optimization level to off
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Thanks. That just fixed my problem too. Perhaps a warning message would not go amiss?