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Odd TSE include error

Honored Contributor II

I am including all the TSE Megacore function libraries in my code. When I go to include the header files I am able to add 


# include "altera_avalon_tse.h" 

# include "altera_avalon_tse_system_info.h"  

# include "triple_speed_ethernet_regs.h" 

# include "triple_speed_ethernet.h" 

# include "altera_avalon_tse.h" 

# include "altera_avalon_tse_system_info.h" 


all successfully, but when I try to add 


# include "ins_tse_mac.h" 

# include "triple_speed_ethernet_iniche.h" 




# include "iniche/ins_tse_mac.h" 

# include "iniche/triple_speed_ethernet_iniche.h" 


it errors and states that there is no such file or directory. I'm not sure how it's finding the other files but not these two. Any ideas?
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