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U-Boot and sopc-create-config-files

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I am trying to U-Boot to run on the cyclone iv gx fpga development kit running on the board_update_portal example system. 


I followed the instructions from the Altera wiki DasUBoot page and used sopc-create-config-files to generate the U-Boot config file from the c4gx150_fpga_bup_sopc.sopcinfo file. 


I encountered many serious problems. 

1) The root node of the sopcinfo file is EnsembleReport not system 

2) The cpu module is altera_nios2_qsys not altera_nios2 

3) The value for baseAddress is in a sub-node not an attribute 


Is the sopc-create-config-files script still the recommended way to generate U-Boot configuration files? 


Is there another more up to date description of how to get U-Boot working with an *.sopcinfo file created by QSYS? 


Thanks for any help
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I have resolved the problem with the sopc-create-config-files script. 


The board_update_portal example for the Cyclone IV GX FPGA Development Kit uses QSYS instead of SopcBuilder so the example directory has a file c4gx150_fpga_bup_sopc.qsys but no *.sopc file. 


I was trying to use the c4gx150_fpga_bup_sopc.sopcinfo file but this does not work correctly with the sopc-create-config-files script. 


Is there an easy way to create a *.sopc file from a *.qsys file? 


Is it possible to update the sopc-create-config-files script to also use *.qsys files?
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