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Unable to connect to Arria 10 dev kit board via DS-5

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I have an Arria 10 SoC dev kit, and am trying to follow the directions found in the EDS User Guide regarding setting up and debugging bare metal applications. I'm trying to connect via the USB-Blaster which is installed, and I believe is working fine, as I'm having no problem programming the device via Quartus. I'm following the instructions found in section 6.3. 


Unfortunately, every time I try to connect, it fails with the Java stack trace attached. 



Now, I'm an experienced Xilinx tool user. When I want to do something similar with the Xilinx SDK (the analogue to DS-5), I need to make sure the board is initialized properly first with either a tcl script (ps7_init.tcl) or within a first stage bootloader. I see no such step for the Arria 10, and wasn't sure if this is the root of my problem, so I mention it here. 


One other note: The board is currently configured to boot a Linux build off of the SD card. I went ahead and shut down linux before trying to connect, but things still fail. If this is the root of my problem, how should I be booting the device. Again, this is different with my Xilinx devices, which allow me to skip SD card boot completely. Do I have to do something similar here? If so, how? 


Any help is appreciated. 



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OK...I figured this out myself. I took a look at the python scripts that were failing. Apparently, the debug server listens for connections on port 3010. Well, unfortunately, without configuring to allow this, the McAfee firewall prevents such connections from taking place. 


Once I temporarily disabled my firewall, I was able to connect fine. 


Long term solution will be to configure McAfee firewall to allow these connections from DS-5.
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