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I build a museum of the history of the computers based INTEL uP

A 8031up(8 bit arch) ,

A DOS computer(16 bit arch)with pentium1 working at 16bit(I didn't get yet a 8086pc)

An pentium 3 32bit winXP

An i3                 64bit win10

And now I 'm looking for a 4 bit family the MCS 4 chip set family

I have to say that all the computers work and they do a simulation of an bus accident

The 8031 is a BlackBox and the others manage the data

I need the 4004 family to emulate the frequency decrease of the collision

The reason that I apply to you is that I can buy some chips in the market but nobody ensure that the chips works

Second, I think that intel has interest to show to the whole world that is the leader in the history of semiconductor computer industry

If somebody can help me I will appriciate


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