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14900k degrading


I have a 14900k and an MSI Pro Z790-a wifi ddr5 mobo. Got it in January. At first it was stable on mobo stocks. Then I started getting out of memory errors in games and on web pages using chrome. I searched around and found posts advising one to set the intel limits of 253w pl1 and 2, 307a iccmax. Was stable for a couple weeks or so untill I wasn't. Had to increase the LLC mode to achieve stability. Was stable for a week until I wasn't. Had to increase it again. Worked for one boot. Next boot out of memory errors on web pages. Had to increase it yet again. Stability for a few days. Again, out of memory errors. By this time my motherboard got its default profile bios. Stable as of right now getting voltage spikes up to 1.55v during normal usage reported by hwinfo64.

This clearly is degradation of the chip. What is causing it? Will these be recalled? Was my chip just faulty to begin with or is this inevitable with all 13900k/14900k cpus?
I bought my PC from a custom pc building company and still have warranty. Replacing this chip is of no issue, I'm just curious if I'm gonna have to replace the new one in a few months as well.
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