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CPU Usage 100% I5 12400F


While downloading games on steam and other game clients the cpu usage goes to 100% and in the task manager the 50 to 80 % of the cpu usage is from the client.

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Hello @Robin_18


Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities. We would be more than glad to help you with your issue.


In order to have a better understanding of your issue, please provide me with the following:


Please download and scan your system using our tool, Intel® System Support Utility so we can help check your system info first. Once finished downloading, open the tool, click on scan 'Everything', click next, then save the system information to a .txt file. Please provide the .txt file.

This document will be necessary to check your entire system, in order to find possible errors or incompatibilities.


Also, please answer those question below:


1.      Could you share your computer's specifications, including CPU, RAM, and graphics card?

2.      Does the high CPU usage happen with all downloaded games or only specific ones?

3.      Are there any relevant settings in the game client affecting CPU usage during downloads?

4.      How is your internet connection (wired or wireless), and what are your average download speeds?

5.      Have recent changes like updates or upgrades coincided with the onset of high CPU usage?

6.      Have you used monitoring tools to check CPU usage and temperatures during downloads?

7.      Are there error messages or notifications when CPU usage spikes during downloads?

8.      Are other applications running concurrently that might impact CPU usage?

9.      Can you provide a timeline of when the issue started, and any actions taken before?

10.  What troubleshooting steps have you already attempted?

11.  Could you share screenshots or logs of task manager showing CPU usage during downloads?


Best regards,

Isaac Q. 

Intel Customer Support Technician

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i've the same problem, in games for example, battlefield 5 the cpu gets 100% usage and the gpu varies between 80% 90% but never 100%, in games like xdefiant it gets a margin of 200fps on ultra and medium but the cpu is also 100%, the only game that achieved a good performance was destiny2 which had cpu usage at 53% and gpu at 100%, i am also sending the ssu file (intel system support utility)

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I have the same problem

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