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Fake i9 14900k - Doesn't work - Doesn't Post


Hello everyone. 

So, I bought all new parts for my new build but decided to get a cheaper aftermarket processor. When I tried to run it, it didn't work and never posted. I tried every trick in the book to solve it. 

There are plenty of 50% from the price offers on Ebay, Amazon and other platforms for i9 14900k. 

And the processors look and feel legit. UNTIL, you try to check the warranty on intel website. And the SN and Batch numbers cannot be found. Also, I was able to scan 2D Matrix code with Intel Toolkit and turned out the code is from 14700k with different numbers that do not match the text on my processor.  2D Matrix code shows VisID: U382X5X302740, which is another 14700k. On my fake copy the labels are the following: Batch number (FPO) X316P943. Serial number (ATPO) 05646.


The processor was intended for my new build. It never posted. This is why I tried to get warranty and found out the bitter truth. I was scammed. I paid $500. There is no way to return too. The seller vanished. The processor is sold in a blister. The seller tells that it is like new, he just doesn't have the box or they say it is a tray processor (intended for bulk manufacturers). Both is a lie. 


SO, when you buy an aftermarket processor, check the numbers first on Intel Support website:

Batch number (FPO)
Serial number (ATPO)
What's the deal here? This is a scam for profits. Sellers know what they do. If nothing can be found on the Intel's Site - this is a scam. If it says A TRAY PROCESSOR - it is probably also a scam, those processors can't have warranty. 
I also made a video with my case



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I am sure Intel will give this all due concern.


And, let me know when you are done with all the edits so I do not have to keep reading all the edit versions.


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If you are purchasing a processor through eBay, 99.99% of the time, it will have no warranty from Intel. There are very few (perhaps none) sellers on eBay that are considered authorized sales providers/distributors. If you do not purchase from an authorized seller, the processor's FPO, ATPO, etc. information is not going to be in the database and thus you will not see a match.

OEMs purchase trays of processors from Intel for use in their system-level products. They don't need or want to pay for the other packaging that might be included around it (for example, packaging of a boxed processor). Now, if they purchase more tray processors than they can use, they will sometimes try to sell these processors in the grey market to recoup what they can of their original purchase cost. Now, Intel sold the processors to the OEM with a warranty. That warranty is *only* for the OEM, not someone who subsequently purchases the processor, be it as part of a system (like a Desktop PC or a Laptop) or sold as a tray processor. Bottom line, purchasing a tray processor comes with no warranty from Intel. The situation is actually more concerning. When you see a tray processor for sale, it could mean,

  1. It is a new, unused processor.
  2. It is a used processor, potentially one that has had the sh*t kicked out of it.
  3. It is a fake of some sort.

Bottom line, since you cannot know its state and since you have absolutely no warranty with it, you are taking a big chance purchasing it. I wouldn't.

Hope this helps,


P.S. For more information on Intel warranties, start here: Warranty Guide for Intel® Processors.


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Good. The main thing is to warn people. At least check the processor on the Intel Warranty website. Fake processors LOOK THE SAME. And scammers can easily make it circulate in a returned packages. This is ridiculously easy on Amazon and BesBuy. I am an IT professional and it took me some time to understand. An untrained person wouldn't be able to tell. 

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UPD. I have delidded the processor (removed the metal lid). AND - the chipset is REAL but without the Silicon Processor itself. Which make me think that it was stolen directly from the Intel Manufacturing Factories. The lid itself was from i7. This also can be explained. Someone took it from a delidded processor too. Then, the metal lid was glued with simple black mobile phone glue. Check the pictures. And be careful! 


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