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XTUOCDriverService (Intel Extreme Tuning Utility) Installed Automatically?



I was using my HP Omen the other day, just browsing explorer, when out of nowhere I got a notification that the machine was about to shut down. It restarted itself, and prompted me to log in again. Curious about the unexpected restart, I took a look at Event Viewer and saw a couple strange events. Among them, an event ID 7045 in the System log that XTUOCDriverService had been installed on my system.

I never made any attempt to install this service whatsoever. I thought it might have come in a Windows Update, but when I took a look at my update history there hadn't been any updates installed for several days.

So my question is, has anyone else out there had this happen? Has XTUOCDriverService just been downloaded to your device automatically? If it didn't come from Windows update, then where did it come from? Is this a legit Intel update/giveaway? I'm worried that this might be a malicious attack disguised as something else. (Though I've run a McAfee and Malwarebytes scan on the machine and a Malwarebytes scan on the installed .exe file and come up with nothing.)


System: Win 11 Home, v.21H2, build 22000.493

HP Omen, processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz

Thanks for any input

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XTU isn't on the auto-update list, so I would say that this was NOT legit. Time to take a close look at your firewall/antivirus software coverage.


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