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broken socket pins on a LGA2011 socket,


So was doing some stuff to my pc jammng it in the new case for the upcomming lan.

That's when i notice the broken pins on my cpu socket

I really did not notice anything when te pc was still running but.

If any 1 konws how F* i am or if and why i need a new Motherboard it be nice to know.

Got a pic but it's bad, had to use ms paint since my laptop is what i have now.

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It may not be certainly determined if the system is usable or not and how much it will be affected by this damage.

Installing a processor into a damaged socket may damage the processor and this would void the warranty or it may shorten its life span.

In the other hand, even if it works, it may be unstable.

We suggest that you check with your motherboard manufacturer directly in order to replace the motherboard.

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